Vibrant Summer Colours

Vibrant Summer Colours

Do you want to wear summer colours whilst still maintaining that look of elegance?

Here are some suggestions for what stones to wear, to perfect that dainty summer look and highlight your beautiful skin, no matter what colour or tone.

Ruby: Queen of stones and a summer birthstone, Ruby in the usual cerise pink is a delightful bright colour to liven up a wrist or neck, matched with silver, the beads will be accentuated in colour, stacks well with blues, greens and turquoise. 

Turquoise: Another bright colour, perfect for sea scapes and beach moods. Those pics of models on the beach in their flowy dresses, and floppy sun hats, I bet they are all wearing turquoise somewhere. A lovely bright cheerful stone and you can get away with matching other stones you wouldn’t think of, in a boho style stack; ambers, amethysts, Blues, aquas, hot pinks, shiny onyx black... Try it out

Agate: So welcome to the dye process, the agate stone comes in a huge plethora of bright colourings. Although commonly a grey brown white colour, dye recreates agate into beautiful hot pink, black, jade green, moss green, purple, blues, teals, fire orange.

Carnelian: Gorgeous warm orange tones and markings, carnelian is well matched with ruby, amethyst, peridot, lapis lazuli and even turquoise. As shown in this recent creation. 

Others to Note:

Fire Opal: Orange like carnelian but super vibrant

Peridot: Another summer colour, quite discreet on its own but mix with other colours as above with carnelian and it comes alive 

Amethyst: Mix with other vibrant colours and the purple in the amethyst comes alive, goes well with turquoise, greens and oranges too. 

Apatite: Apatite can be a very vibrant teal colour stone, where has this stone been all my life? Shown in the very colourful Chakra Collection here:

Pop what stone you think appeals to you in the search box above and see where it takes you. 

I would LOVE comments, thank you 

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