What Size?

Here is a guide to what sizes to order.

All sizes are in inches, see the graphic for alternative conversions.


You order vs I make

Order '6-6.5' Made just over 6 extending up to beyond 6.5

Order '6.5-7' Made just over 6.5 extending up to beyond 7

Order '7-7.5' Made just over 7 extending up to beyond 7.5

Order '7.5-8' Made just over 7.5 extending up to beyond 8

Order '8-8.5' Made just over 8 extending up to beyond 8.5 


There are two ways of measuring your wrist, either with a flexible measure tight to the wrist, to get your wrist measurement, or use a thin piece of string, then measure the string

Once you have your wrist measurement, order between 0.5 to 1 inch over wrist size.

Any bracelet with an extension chain, unless it's a dainty bracelet, order 1 inch over wrist size  

If the fit isn't quite right, Its easy to adjust, just contact me and I will adjust for you.


Pendant Necklaces 

16 inches is ideal for a small neck

17 inches for a small to medium neck

18-20 inches is ideal for a larger neck

Beaded Necklaces 

16-18 inches is ideal for a small neck

20 inches is ideal for a larger neck