Welcome to Dainty Rocks, the website and business is owned by me, jewellery maker and designer Diane Cockburn (pronounced Coburn)

I live in the heart of England in Northamptonshire with my husband and gorgeous son who has Down’s syndrome, living an urban life with a few cozy cats and a love for days out and caravanning. Life is quite non stop and I am always on the go, which is what I thrive on, but my favourite part is a sit down with a cup of tea at the end of the day. 

Making jewellery has been a part of me since 2006, I started a costume jewellery business in 2010 and rebranded to Dainty Rocks in 2014. 

In 2020 I moved into a dainty commercial premises as outgrew my even daintier office in the picture above.

In 2021 I was joined by my assistant Sarah on temporary basis, however Sarah is still here helping me create and package and keep on top of everything. 


Dainty Rocks - The name was chosen in for its meaning representing what I love to make.

Dainty: Small, tiny, delicate. 

Rocks: Mineral, stone

Most creations are quite dainty and delicate looking, from handmade gemstone, birthstone, hand stamped and sterling silver jewellery.

Dainty pendants, skinny stacking bracelets, to fully beaded necklaces and the traditional gemstone bracelets, to cater for all tastes. 

With the added ability to personalise the jewellery to suit by stamping, the jewellery also lends itself to the perfect gift. It doesn't take long to stamp but it has taken me years to get it right! 

I have always worked with beads, constantly progressing my skills and trying new things, I love the idea of silversmithing but find I do not enjoy it nearly as much as I do working with beads or stamping. I enjoy making things I would like to wear, you can see this in my work more than ever now as I am a 'accent' lover, the dainty style suits me and my jewellery

My current favourites are the family initial bracelets and the thoughtful family birthstone jewellery range

My work is made worthwhile by my customers, having customers leave reviews describing the gifted jewellery reducing the recipient to tears. This is why I love what I do