Interview with a Customer Part 1... Monica

Interview with a Customer Part 1... Monica

I was recently asked if I’d like to be interviewed by one of my suppliers, it was quite fun thinking of the answers. Such a brilliant idea for my own blog to have an Existing Customer Interview

I asked on my VIP Customer Group and 4 ladies immediately offered, the first of which is below.

So... Meet Monica who has her own business Healing Art of Chi and practises Bowen Therapy. Monica has been a customer for many years and has one of the biggest Dainty Rocks collections that I know of.


1) I will start with an easy one… What are your favourite gemstones and why?
– blues, greens, purples and white/clear… These are my favourite colours in general they are soothing calming and connect with nature. At an energetic level they resonate with heart, throat, third eye and crown chakras… if you believe in this you will understand the deeper meaning behind these… if not feel free to ask and I will happily share

2) Do you choose gemstones for colour or meaning, or both?

Generally I chose what I am drawn to, once I have found what I am drawn to I will look up the meaning, generally I am a trust your gut kind of girl

3) What do you prefer to wear… Bracelets, Necklaces or Earrings or all of them?

Bracelets and necklaces

4) What is your main reason for buying jewellery in general?

– because it is pretty and brings great joy…. It is also meaningful

5) Do you prefer Gold or Silver?

Always Sliver

6) You have followed me for quite a while now, can you remember when and how you discovered Dainty Rocks Jewellery?

– I believe M**** (another DR customer)  introduced me to you many moons ago

7) How many pieces do you own and what do you have? Out of the above, do you have a favourite?

About approximately 30 pieces…. Cant find my Unicorn one at the minute. They all take turns being favourites but the one that I really love is where you converted the pearls that my mother in law wanted to give me (I hate pearls by the way) into something so beautiful and contemporary that I love wearing it now 

9) Do you ever gift Dainty Rocks Jewellery to other ladies?

Yes often, they make very classic and stylish gifts and because they can be custom made they are personalised and meaningful. Not only that they are beautifully packaged and make a stunning gift for a reasonable price

10) Have Dainty Rocks Jewellery products helped you in any way, if so, how?

I always feel rather grounded wearing my bracelets

11) What is next on your shopping wish list from my website?

Not sure really I am sure something will tickle my fancy

12) Is there anything in particular you would like to see me make in the future?

– Rings

Thanks so much to Monica for answering my questions, take a look at the pictures, that collection! :o


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