Three inspiring colours to compliment amethyst

Three inspiring colours to compliment amethyst

Three inspiring colours to compliment amethyst

Calming Amethyst is the traditional birthstone for February. It’s a variety of quartz that vastly ranges in colour, from deep indigo-violet to a much lighter and softer lilac shade. It promotes balance and peace. It’s indulgent rich violet tones are almost regal in appearance. A stone renowned throughout the ages for its beauty and is believed to possess properties to soothe the body and soul. Some think that it’s restful energies can help relieve tension and headaches. It’s certainly one of my favourite stones to make into jewellery.

Whether it be your home décor or your wardrobe, here’s three inspiring colours to help you welcome more amethyst into your world.

Cool turquoise – really tapping into those calming vibes. Blend violet amethyst with tones reminiscent of warm tropical seas or the vibrant feathers of a bird of paradise.

Moss Green -  how could you not love a little added earthiness to those violet healing hues. Bold emerald green carries a luxurious confidence, further amplifying amethyst’s exquisiteness.

Rich Brown – warm, bold brown really enhances the regality of amethyst. Think; steaming hot, rich espresso, a lustrous piece of mahogany furniture or perhaps a pocket full of glossy russet conkers in autumn.

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