Three crystals to promote positivity

I’ve been fascinated by crystals for a long time. To think that Mother Earth created these incredibly beautiful, colourful and intricate stones. It’s amazing! Some crystals are formed over thousands of years, some are birthed from extreme temperature, others are made where water rich in certain minerals flow. Some people believe in the cleansing and healing energies of these beautiful rocks. Others don’t. Regardless of your own beliefs, you can’t not recognise and appreciate their beauty.

If you do feel the pull towards these earthly treasures or you’re curious about their alleged powers. I’ve put together a little more detail about three stones which are considered uplifting, amplifiers for positive energy.

Tranquil azure Turquoise is a mineral that is a hydrous phosphate of copper and aluminium. It is perfectly mottled with russet markings is believed to bring solace to the spirit. A purification stone, it is said that when given by a loving hand, turquoise brings happiness and good fortune to the wearer.

Joyful Citrine is believed to promote success, magnify personal power and welcome abundance. It’s warm, yellow tones welcome optimism and light. This sunshine stone is traditionally believed to help promote a vibrant flow of positive energy and to help support healthy self-esteem.

Lapis Lazuli is dusted with gold speckles. It is almost celestial in its appearance, reminiscent of stars twinkling in the inky blue night sky. Lapis Lazuli symbolises wisdom, honesty and friendship. A protective stone of truth, it is believed to encourage deep, loving communication which supports harmonious relationships.

What a lovely trio of gems!

Here are a few of my favourite recent pieces which have been created with the intention of encouraging positivity.

Wishing you a happy, uplifting and positive day!

Di x

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