Summer Moods

Summer Moods

Summer will soon be here very soon. We had a lovely pocket of glorious sunshine recently so there really is hope now beyond the seemingly constant rain.

What are you looking forward to most about the warmer weather?

For me, I love getting the washing out on the line. A simple thing that brings me huge pleasure. My new ‘moods’ collection has been inspired by many things, including the ever-changing seasons.

One of my favourites is the ‘serene’ bracelet which evokes the tranquillity of a moorland walk. Creating peace, calm and a deeper connection to nature. Each bracelet is handmade with beautiful faceted stones chosen for their inspiring colourings reminiscent of a Scottish Moorland. Green apatite, purple amethyst and blue aquamarine.

Another slightly contrasting ‘mood’ is a bracelet inspired by that distinct and unforgettable vivacious Festival feeling! The gems in this bracelet have been specifically chosen for their vibrant, spirited playfulness. Colourful fire opal, citrine and ruby. Perfect to pop on when you need a little confidence boost or reminding of happier times. 

Whatever the weather the next few months brings, I hope you find yourself making lots of happy memories.

Di x

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