November Birthstone, The beautiful Joyful Citrine

November Birthstone, The beautiful Joyful Citrine

November Birthstone ~ A Joyful sunny stone, Citrine, yellow and clear, full of positivity and all that happy warm goodness.

November is coming, and it brings a beautiful autumn colour stone of Citrine. Known for its meanings of positivity and joy.

Combine with other warm stones like garnet and carnelian. Or mix with other joyful stones like Amethyst.

Featured in the Chakra Rainbow collection and also in the November Birthstone Collection.

My favourite citrine gem beads this month are the nuggets, pictured below. 

See link for more Citrine goodness



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I agree, it’s a beautiful warm coloured stone and it looks stunning together with the other stones you mention. Would make a wonderful autumn bracelet 🥰 I love this blogpost 🤩🥰


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