Meet the Maker - Diane at Dainty Rocks

Meet the Maker - Diane at Dainty Rocks

I took part in this years ‘Meet the Maker’ campaign on Instagram which is all about sharing and celebrating your business journey. I enjoyed it so much and as I’ve had a flurry of new followers I thought it’d be nice to do a little recap here on my blog.

So, hello, I’m Diane. I’m 44 (how did that happen?) with a little boy called Charlie who has additional needs and a crazy sense of humour. I am nearly full time in my business now. I was previously a cook, which I miss but no-one would employ me now as I have so many appointments for Charlie. So, I make do with eating scones instead of making them. My business fits around my life perfectly and I can’t think of anything else that I’d rather do.

I live and work in Northampton, right in the middle of the country and at least two hours from the seaside which doesn’t make me feel lovely, but it is home. After moving around the country chasing dreams for 10 years I finally settled here. We have the countryside on our doorsteps, we’re also blessed with stately homes, amazing parks, historical sites, a lift tower, a famous shoe industry and some delightful small businesses.

My business started in 2007 when I made my own wedding necklaces, invites and cake. I loved the idea of having a ‘homemade’ wedding. It changed my life; my crafty streak was back! I realised that I wanted to craft as much as I could and try to make a wage from it. For a year or two I made wedding invites. ‘Handmade by Di’ was formed in 2009 when I used all sorts of materials, chunky stones to create statement jewellery.

Over the years I’ve homed in, refined, improved and eventually found a style I love, I wear and I’m really passionate about. My all-time favourite piece to make is the Family Birthstone Bracelet launched last year. A completely unique bracelet, handmade to order with a birthstone to represent each family member.

Best wishes,

Di x


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Hello Diane,
Just received my bracelet which I have bought for my granddaughter and I would like to say how lovely it is, thank you. Will certainly use you again.

Maureen Lakeman

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