May ~ Emerald 💎

May ~ Emerald 💎

The May birthstone, Emerald, was one of Cleopatra’s favourite gems.

It has long been associated with fertility, rebirth, and love. Ancient Romans went so far as to dedicate this stone to Venus, the goddess of love and beauty.

The Emerald is May’s birthstone for a reason. Its green colour evokes the freshness of new growth in the springtime. It symbolises vitality, health and prosperity.

Green is also the symbolic colour of fertility. It’s no coincidence that early Romans gave emeralds as gifts to young wives. Even today, the emerald is a popular gift given to new mothers.

Today, it is thought that emeralds signify wisdom, growth, and patience.

Where is the May Birthstone found?

In places where beryllium, chromium, and vanadium are present, you are likely to find an emerald mine. South America has the most well known emeralds.

Colombian emeralds are some of the finest emeralds in the world.

Colombian Emeralds have a low iron content giving them a green colour with a slight blue hue.

Colombian emeralds usually have fewer impurities or inclusions, a quality rarely found in emeralds. 

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