Interview with a Customer Part 3... Minou

Interview with a Customer Part 3... Minou

I was recently asked if I’d like to be interviewed by one of my suppliers, it was quite fun thinking of the answers. Such a brilliant idea for my own blog to have an Existing Customer Interview

I asked on my VIP Customer Group and 4 ladies immediately offered, this is part 3...

So... Meet Minou who has been a customer for many years and has one of the biggest Dainty Rocks collections that I know of.


1)         What are your favourite gemstones and why?

            - the diamond in my engagement ring, handpicked by my hubby

- Blue sapphire, I have always loved the beautiful colour, somehow its mystical beauty has always drawn me

- Garnet, my birthstone

- Tourmaline, the variety of colours and meaning


2)         Do you choose gemstones for colour or meaning, or both?

Both, I like to research the meaning/properties of gemstones, the colours draw me too. Over the years I have bought very different gem stones from you.


3)         What do you prefer to wear… Bracelets, Necklaces or Earrings or all of them?

            Bracelets, bracelets, bracelets (0:


4)         What is your main reason for buying jewellery in general?

Mostly gifts for family and friends. If for me, sometimes to match an outfit, often for meaning of gemstones that resonates with me


5)         Do you prefer Gold or Silver?

            White gold or silver


6)         You have followed me for quite a while now, can you remember when and how you discovered Dainty Rocks Jewellery?

Yes, my niece Theresa shared a link to your page and I immediately bought my first bracelet from you.


7)         How many pieces do you own and what do you have?

26 bracelets (!), 6 necklaces, 5 necklace & bracelet sets, 6 pairs of earrings, 1 pendant, 3 key chains


Out of the above, do you have a favourite?

Yes, my archangel bracelet with Saint Christopher, which I wear daily without fail and which you have had to repair a few times over the years due to daily use


9)         Do you ever gift Dainty Rocks Jewellery to other ladies?

Yes, regularly, anything from earrings, bracelets, necklaces to wish bracelets and meaning bracelets such us the hug bracelet for example or the family initial/birthstone bracelets. My Mum and mother-in-law have several pieces and my gifts introduced a few customers to you, who are now similarly in love with your jewellery as me, in particular Monica and Rita.


10)       Have Dainty Rocks Jewellery products helped you in any way, if so, how?

Yes, when gemstones are bought for their meaning to have protective and/or healing properties.


11)       What is next on your shopping wish list from my website?

            A hug bracelet for a friend, who has experienced a tragic loss.

12)       Is there anything in particular you would like to see me make in the future?

Bracelets made of soft leather, either just leather or combining leather with gemstones (you can do it!).


Minou added this at the bottom which made my heart sing!


Apart from the joy of choosing and owning your beautiful jewellery (in my case bracelets in particular), it is just great fun to work with you on my individual bracelet designs and it is just such a pleasure to support a small business. Over the past nearly 6 years I have seen you and your business developing so very well, it is fantastic! Be very proud of what you have achieved so far and be confident & bold with your choices for your business development going forward.

You are very talented! Go with the flow. You can and will do it!


Thanks Minou, I love your comments, have enjoyed making things for you over the many (5) years 


Minous extensive collection:

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