Interview with a Customer Part 2, meet Emma

Interview with a Customer Part 2, meet Emma

1. What are your favourite gemstones and why?
My favourite gem stones are opals, rubies and moonstone. I was told when I was younger that Opals are my birthstone (October), though October seems to have a few, and my Aunt bought me a beautiful locket with a turquoise opal on it that I have always treasured. Rubies and moonstone I just love the look of.

2. Do you choose gemstones for colour, or meaning, or both?
Both. I have chosen them if I know that they are someone's favourite colour, but usually it's something with a meaning and then I try to choose the colours that are closest to what I know a person likes, or wears a lot.

3. What do you prefer to wear.... bracelets, necklaces, earrings or all of them?
I never feel properly dressed without earrings. I love bracelets since finding Dainty Rocks, but I only tend to wear necklaces if I'm getting dressed up.

4. What is your main reason for buying jewellery in general?
I tend to buy jewellery for loved ones. I've bought for my mum, mother-in-law and daughter from Diane. I've also bought quite a few pieces for my sister.

5. Do you prefer gold or silver?

6. You have followed me for quite a while now, can you remember when and how you discovered Dainty Rocks jewellery?
I was looking for a specific piece for my sister, and couldn't find exactly what I was looking for. It was very special and important to me, and I couldn't find it so I knew that I had to find somebody who was doing things close to what I wanted and then get in touch with them to see if they could make what I needed. Diane could and did, and the Dainty Rocks love started.

7. How many pieces do you own and what do you have?
I think I have 3 pieces myself, all bracelets but I may think of something else later! I have a bumblebee bracelet, a tourmalinated quartz bracelet, and just this week was given (three months early because she was so excited!!!!) a family bracelet, with the birthstones and initials of my 3 children from my sister.

8. Out of the above, do you have a favourite?
I would normally say no but right now, the family bracelet is my favourite, it's so special.

9. Do you ever gift Dainty Rocks jewellery to other ladies?

Yes, I usually do hahaha. I've bought more for others than myself... and have a few more plans

10. Have Dainty Rocks Jewellery products helped you in any way, if so, how?
Very possibly... one of the gifts that I bought was a fertility stone bracelet 😉

11. What is next on your shopping wish list from my website?
A gift for my best friend. She loves everything nautical so I have a couple of ideas. I daren't look for myself as Diane has so many beautiful things!

12. Is there anything in particular you would like to see me make in the future?
More earrings! Always more earrings! I'd love some everyday wear ones as well as some fancy ones 😀

Thanks so much Emma! I loved reading your answers and looking at your wrist pictures 


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