Holistic Help for Students

Holistic Help for Students

Stress and pressure seem to be very much a part of our lives these days and with the summer holidays almost drawing to a close many a looking ahead to the new term in September. Whilst my son Charlie is still very young, my heart goes out to those Mum’s whose babies are off to university this year. A bittersweet time no doubt. So here are some gentle, holistic ways you can support the student in your life this autumn...

  1. Crystals to promote peace and balance

Grounding Moss Agate is thought to be a stone of new beginnings. Encouraging prosperity, success and abundance. Ranging from rich, deep forest green to light minty tones, usually carrying flecks of yellow, brown or black making up the appearance of moss. An earthy stone in appearance and energy.

Calming Amethyst is one of my favourite stones, it is believed to promote balance and peace. It’s indulgent rich violet tones are almost regal in appearance. A stone renowned throughout the ages for its beauty and believed properties to soothe the body and soul.

Sparkling, oceanic Aquamarine is a stone alleged to be useful when welcoming change and to overcome resistance or fear. Cooling and cleansing, a stone associated with the element water.

Here are a few handmade Dainty Rocks stacking bracelets which incorporate some of these gemstones:

Courage Bracelet: https://www.daintyrocks.co.uk/products/courage-gemstone-bracelet-calming-strength-protection-meaning-gemstone-bracelet-8747

Inner Peace Bracelet: https://www.daintyrocks.co.uk/products/inner-peace-bracelet-sodalite-labradorite-apatite-gemstone-bracelet-sterling-silver-blue-green-8731

A Big Hug Bracelet: https://www.daintyrocks.co.uk/products/a-big-hug-bracelet-gift-for-friend-for-peace-love-courage-symbolic-bracelet-meaning-jewellery-pastel-bracelet-7960 

  1. Essential Oils to relax and aid concentration

Essential Oils can bring an abundance of benefits to students and not just to mask the questionable smells that arise from shared accommodation 😊 Whilst I am not a qualified Aromatherapist, I do know that some people enjoy using oils to help aid focus for study, promote improved concentration and aid relaxation. If your little one is flying the nest and you use oils at home, why not pack them off with a few bottles that you use? A comforting and familiar fragrance will surely help ease the transition to student life.

If you don’t have any favorites, here’s a couple of suggestions:

  • The old saying “rosemary for remembrance”. Rosemary is said to help make the brain more alert and assist in aiding focus so an ideal scent to diffuse in the study environment. If oils aren’t your thing perhaps a small potted rosemary plant would make an attractive and useful alternative.
  • Sweet, fruity Bergamot is a good choice for easing stress and lifting the mood.
  • Soothing lavender oil is also essential. At the end of a long day tiring day of studying (or worrying!) add a few drops of lavender to a warm bath and enjoy a soak. Essential oils can be mixed with a splash of milk to help them better blend with the bathwater if it is good enough for Cleopatra...
  • After the bath, place few drops of the oil onto a tissue and tuck inside your pillowcase to encourage restful sleep. 
  1. Herbal Tea to promote rest and support digestion

To help quiet the mind and wind down at the end of the day, enjoying a hot cup of naturally caffeine-free herbal tea can be just the ticket. Chamomile is a popular choice for relaxation. Peppermint is also good for digestion after all student meals aren’t always the healthiest!

Hmm, I think I might just take my own advice this evening. A hot cup of tea and an even hotter bath sounds dreamy…

Best wishes,

Di x


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