FAQ's ~ What size should you order?

FAQ's ~ What size should you order?


FAQ's ~ Sizing for Bracelets

The most common query is…

What size do I order?

It’s just so hard isn’t it? Dress size has no bearing on wrist size, so how can you possibly guess?

It is guesswork, however there are a few things you can think about;

I work in inches but my handy guide which I have uploaded to each listing converts it to a size in cm and the generalised XS, S, M, ML & L, this should be a good start to your size sleuthing.

Did you know, the most ordered size is 7 - 7.5 inches. Followed by 6.5 - 7 inches.
These are both the most average sizes.

Bracelets tend to be made a smidge over the smallest measurement and they extend to above the upper size.
As an example 6.5 - 7 inches is made just over 6.5 and extends to about 7.5.

Hopefully this helps you pick the right size and you have the extension chain as a back up.
However, if you, as a purchaser or recipient, finds it’s not quite right, just make contact and post back to me so I can change it. I don't charge for this, as it's all part of the service I offer.

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