Crystal Home Décor to Die For.

Crystal Home Décor to Die For.

The big, beautiful amethyst bath I posted on my Facebook Page recently got a great reaction. I would LOVE to sink in to this stunning crystal bath and have a long, hot soak. Whilst day dreaming about this, I thought I’d spend a few moments browsing for other ways to bring my love of crystals into my home. Here’s a little ‘wish list’ of some of my quirky and unusual finds…

I think number 4 has to be my favourite, how about you?


  1. A pretty slice of crystal to rest my mug of tea on? Yes please! There are a couple of delightful sets of crystal coasters available on Not On The High Street. 
  1. How about a large chunk of rose quartz in the garden? I found this garden table and stools on Pinterest. Now, who wouldn’t love sitting around this on a hazy summer evening…
  1. These geometric crystals shelves are so quaint, perfect for storing trinkets and treasures.  
  1. These crystal wall murals are breath-taking! An ideal way to really create a visual impact and sanctuary.  
  1. Spruce up your cupboards and cabinets with crystal door handles. How sweet are these? They’d look lovely on a craft room desk.  
  1. Make a stylish statement with a purple, turquoise or blue agate cushion, another great Etsy find.  
  1. Last but certainly not least, this succulent crystal garden is amazing! What an imaginative and decorative way to appreciate crystals. 

Di x


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