April Birthstone ~ Beautiful Clear Rock Quartz

April Birthstone ~ Beautiful Clear Rock Quartz

April - The month of Crystal Quartz 💎

If you are born in the gorgeous month of April your traditional Birthstone is Diamond. However, if you're looking for an April Birthstone on a smaller budget, then Crystal Quartz is the perfect alternative and much more kind on the purse strings. 

Clear Quartz Necklace Pendant

Crystal Quartz has long since been regarded as a powerful healing stone by many civilisations. Ancient Egyptians, Romans, Native Americans and Aztecs,to name a few, have all prized Rock Crystal for its healing abilities.

Clear Quartz Bracelet, April Birthstone, Rock Quartz

This clear stone is associated with purity and positivity which, when worn, is said to bring about personal growth and inner strength. It's also said to be an amplifier of other stones.

Meanings - balance, clarity, positivity, and energy.

I also have Tourmalinated and Yellow Rutilated Quartz (pictured respectively) back in stock if Clear Quartz isn't quite your thing.

Tourmalinated Quartz BraceletRutilated Quartz Bracelet

For birthdays for April and beyond, evoke feeling and connection with one of these for your loved ones birthday here.

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