Courage Gemstone Bracelet, Calming

Courage Gemstone Bracelet, Calming

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Let someone know that you are thinking of them with this dainty assortment of gems symbolising protection, courage and strength.

Calming Amethyst promotes balance and peace. It’s indulgent rich violet tones are almost regal in appearance. A stone renowned throughout the ages for its beauty and believed properties to soothe the body and soul.

Sparkling, oceanic Aquamarine is believed to be useful when welcoming change and to overcome resistance or fear. Cooling and cleansing, a stone associated with the element water.

Grounding Moss Agate is thought to be a stone of new beginnings. Encouraging prosperity, success and abundance. Ranging from rich, deep forest green to light minty tones, usually carrying flecks of yellow, brown or black making up the appearance of moss. An earthy stone in appearance and energy.

Misty, translucent Moonstone is somewhat magical in appearance and seems to miraculously glow. Believed to bring hope and strengthen intuition. Moonstone is a stone of protection and is said to calm and bring relief from emotional stress.

Handmade to order in sterling silver and finished with a lobster clasp and extension chain.
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